Patriot Restoration | Fire Damage
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Fire Damage

Helping You Rebuild After Disaster Strikes

Re-establishing the full integrity of your property

Patriot USA is a professional fire restoration company. The fire damage restoration process should begin immediately after authorities say the property is safe. Smoke is an acidic byproduct of fire capable of corroding and staining surfaces such as walls and counters. In some cases the steps taken to put out the blaze can cause more damage than the actual fire. Our employees have the depth of knowledge and training required to restore a home, business, or commercial property affected by a fire. Our estimators and project managers attend mandatory training on an ongoing basis to stay aware of the cutting edge procedures in safety and effective emergency restoration and reconstruction.

Our Services Include:

  • Smoke and odor removal
  • Ozone thermal fogging
  • Air quality control
  • Environmental stabilization
  • Structural cleaning
  • Investigative assistance
  • Environmental stabilization and air quality control
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Content restoration
  • Mold remediation
  • Power generation temporary heating, lighting and electrical
  • Content removal, total loss and content inventory, climate controlled storage

Have an Emergency? We’re here to help.